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The Sonos Sound System

  • Sonos is the wireless sound system that fills as many rooms as you want (up to 32) with music, movies and TV.
  • Free Sonos app guides you through setup and provides system control for everyone in the house.
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, and PC.
  • Easily manage your system from any room.
  • Mix and match products to build a home sound system that fits your lifestyle.

Explore our products

Sonos products work together seamlessly. It’s easy to add speakers and expand your system as your home changes.


The perfect wireless speaker for any room in your home. You can even stereo pair two speakers (same model) in a room—turn each one into separate left and right channels for wider, bigger, and deeper sound.

  • Roam , Roam SL and Move: portable, durable smart speakers for indoor and outdoor listening.
  • Era 100: The compact smart speaker designed for room-filling sound.
  • Era 300: the premium smart speaker designed for spatial audio listening.
  • Five: biggest home speaker with boldest sound.
  • One and One SL: enjoy rich sound with these surprisingly powerful, compact speakers.

Home theater

Sonos products for your TV provide full-theater sound and play music too. Enhance your home theater experience by adding a Sub, a pair of surrounds, or both.

  • Arc and Arc SL: premium smart soundbar for TV, movies, music, gaming, and more. Place on furniture or wall mount.
  • Beam (Gen 2): the smart compact soundbar, now with Dolby Atmos. Place on furniture or wall mount.
  • Ray : the soundbar for music, TV, and more, with great sound for compact spaces. Perfect for small to medium-sized rooms. Place on furniture or wall mount.
  • Sub: add dramatically deeper bass to any Sonos speaker, for home theater and music.
  • Sub Mini: the compact wireless subwoofer for bold bass.


Convert existing speakers, stereos, and home theater into music streaming systems with an amplifier.

  • Amp: versatile amplifier for powering all your entertainment.
  • Port: flexible streaming component for your stereo or receiver.


Find the perfect accessory for your Sonos system on our website.

  • If your existing WiFi isn't reliable enough for streaming music, you can purchase a Sonos Boost.
  • Wall mount kits or stands tailored to perfectly fit your Sonos products.
  • Turntables to bring vinyl to your Sonos system.
  • Cables and more.

Stream Music, TV, and more

Sonos gives you easy access to all the content you love—play the latest music from your favorite artist on Spotify, a local news radio station, and much more.

  • Sonos Radio: free out of the box access to news, sports, talk, and music from more than 60,000 global broadcast stations. Plus original content, only on Sonos.
  • Sonos Radio HD: subscribe for ad-free listening, lossless audio, and access to exclusive stations and artist content.
  • Music services: explore and manage your music services—add your own or try something new.
  • Stored on your computer: play music stored on your computer or any Network-Attached Storage (NAS) device.
  • Imported playlists: Sonos is compatible with iTunes playlists, as well as M3U, WPL and PLS playlist files created with third-party software.
  • Other audio devices: play music from a turntable or other external audio device.

Group speakers in different rooms

Listen in any room or every room—play a movie in the living room, a podcast in the kitchen, or group two or more speakers together so they play the same audio. If you have a home theater set up, you can send the TV sound to other speakers, too.

Control your way

  • The Sonos app. The free Sonos app is the easiest way to play anything and everything on Sonos. Simply open the app and choose your favorite music.
  • Voice commands. If you have a voice-enabled Sonos speaker, use your voice to play and control the music.
  • Speaker controls. If you’re near a speaker, use the touch controls to start or stop the music, or adjust the volume.
  • Stream from your favorite services. Control Sonos from a different app like Spotify, Pandora, or Pocket Casts.
  • Apple AirPlay 2. Use AirPlay 2 to stream music, movies, podcasts, and more directly from your favorite apps to your Sonos speakers. Listen to Apple Music on your Sonos One. Watch a YouTube or Netflix video and enjoy the sound on Sonos.